What makes a city sustainable?

Cities are growing because of population growth, because they are attractive and lure rural populations, or because people are migrating across borders to get closer to the cities in the hope of building a better one. Population forecasts estimate the world’s population at 10 billion in 2050. Pressure on the environment and resources will increase, […]

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A podcast about sustainable development

This podcast was initiated by Anna Chashchyna to discuss sustainable development, urban planning, smart cities, and much more. It was a great way for Estelle Forget to reflect as well, on her path, and why she loves so much what she does. Anna Chashchyna: I’d like to start with your introduction – from a lawyer’s […]

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2020-2030: The anticipated impact of disruptive technology in transportation

Global warming calls on us to free ourselves from fossil fuels that emit high levels of greenhouse gases. In fact, the energy and transport sectors will be revolutionised in the next 10 years. In this article, I focus on transport, and how disruptive technology in transportation will likely impact the industrial, urban, and environmental sectors, as well as individual freedom in the coming decade. 

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